Counter Session #3 —
Family Trees & Sound Clouds —
Ilka Helmig and Johannes Bergerhausen
Di, 8.12.2022, 19:00Uhr

How many writing systems are there in the world? What is their relation to the languages of the world and the individual linguistic sounds? Why are only half of them available on computers and smartphones? What are the aerodynamics of the pronunciation of human sounds? Why do pictograms always function simultaneously as ideograms? Who invented »writing« ? And what would a complete family tree of writing systems look like?

In a visual lecture, the artist Ilka Helmig and the designer Johannes Bergerhausen present aspects of their typographic or artistic research and their projects on writing systems, Unicode, languages and the visual aspects of the aerodynamics of human sounds.

Afterwards, there will be enough time for a lively discussion over drinks at the counter.

Talk will be in German, slides in English.

Thursday 08/12/22, 19:00

Ilka Helmig (*1971) studied visual communication and fine arts in Nuremberg and Bonn. Since 2007 professor for visual conception and drawing at FH Aachen. Her work has been shown, among others, at the National Museum of Nairobi, Ludwig Forum Aachen, Bienal de la Pintura Ecuador, Karst Gallery Plymouth, Leopold-Hoesch Museum Düren, Museum für Neue Kunst Freiburg. 2018 Artist in Residence Graz, Steiermark. 2019 West Museum for contemporary art, The Hague. 2020 Artist in Lab fellow of Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. Since 2018 board member of »And She Was Like: BÄM!«.

Johannes Bergerhausen (*1965) studied visual communication at FH Düsseldorf. From 1993 to 2000, he lived and worked in Paris. 1998 research grant of CNAP, Paris. Since 2002 Professor of Typography at HS Mainz. 2004 decodeunicode.org. 2011 »Die Schriftzeichen der Welt«. 2014 »Digital Cuneiform«. Since 2014 visiting professor at ANRT in Nancy, France. Since 2016 Missing Scripts Project, since 2018 worldswritingsystems.org 2019 »Missing Scripts«, West Museum for contemporary art, The Hague. 2020 »Picto-, Ideo-«.

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