Fedrigoni Top Award 2021:
shortlist of finalists for June 2021
»Moholy-Nagy and the New Typography«

Verona, 2021 – From refined boxes of tea to perfume packaging and high-fashion shopper bags; from labels that are veritable works of art for artisan beers, fine wines, spirits and gourmet preserves, to premium illustrated catalogues, calendars, art books and branded company accessories. This is the world of Fedrigoni materials, used by the 17 finalists for their designs, who are now gearing up for the final challenge before the Fedrigoni Top Award ceremony in Paris, in June 2021.
Brazil, China, Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy are the countries selected by a jury of experts for their most interesting and innovative creations. The finalists have reached the last stage of the twelfth edition of Fedrigoni’s international competition, which highlights the best designs using Fedrigoni and Fabriano special papers, and Manter and Ritrama adhesive label materials. Any technique could be used for printing and the entries come from the worlds of packaging, graphics, brand communication and publishing. The Fedrigoni Top Award showcases ideas that can inspire new perspectives and is an opportunity to celebrate the value of paper in the planning and production of all types of products. More than 1000 designs, produced between July 2018 and the end of June 2020, were entered. A panel of well-known international experts in the world of design and communication made up the jury, which carefully analysed the entries according to originality, expertise and appropriate use of Fedrigoni papers.

\ April 22nd, 2021

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